Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fitness Update

A few months ago I wrote that I was reading books about healthy food to glean tips to use in my life.  Since then I have also read some books about fitness and exercising.  I’ve come up with some goals:
-          Exercise at least twice a week, and do a ten minute stretch on a couple of the in-between days.
-          Eat vegetables twice a day
-          Try to eat bread products at only one meal per day
I can’t say I’m succeeding at any of those.  I’ve eaten pizza for supper twice in the last three days.  I went to the gym yesterday and did a small workout at home today, but they were the first in two and a half weeks.  The veggie goal is my most successful.  I like veggies – they taste good and they are easy to pack in my lunch or chop up for supper.  Michael has also gotten into the habit of eating more vegetables, so if I don’t get them out, he does.  And as for bread products… most days I eat them at two meals.  Occasionally I eat them at three.  It is rare that I only eat them at one meal.  I like eating grains because they are filling, and breads are the easiest to grab.  I’ve been trying to eat quinoa for lunch on a regular basis and to have rice for supper.  This has met with less than moderate success.
A question I don’t often face is “Why should I care about my fitness and nutrition?”  Common answers I read or hear from people through blogs, Instagram, podcasts, etc. are “So I will live longer” “So that if something bad happens like a cancer diagnosis, my body will be at its best to fight it” “To keep myself well and able to live to my full potential.” 
 I don’t like answering the question about why I should work out and eat well.  My depression says, “I don’t want to live longer.” And my anxiety chimes in, “Everyone has to die sometime, so isn’t it like thwarting God’s will to try to beat cancer or prevent heart disease?”  Then I start wondering if people who work out for those reasons will be in denial when their time comes to die.  My mind wants to tell me that if you have any will or reason to live your death will be horrible and hated even if it is at a ripe old age; even if you know you are going to be with your Saviour.

I know that all of that is ridiculous.  Having a will to live is great!  Wanting to prevent heart disease is wise!  And isn’t living well and fully one of the best ways to prepare to die?  

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